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Avoid Holiday - Back Pain

4 Ways to Avoid Holiday Back Pain

Avoid Holiday - Back Pain

The holidays are here, and for many of us that means traveling to see friends and family. Whether you’re flying, driving or catching a train, you are going to be sitting for a prolonged period of time. Keep your travels comfortable and you back pain-free with these four tips:

Pack it light
Over-packing is easy to do, but it comes with a price – strain on muscles and joints. Avoid unnecessary pain during your travels by planning out what to pack and using luggage equipped with wheels. Depending on your trip, smaller bags may be a better option.

Lumbar support
Seats in planes, cars and trains don’t provide ample support for the lower back or neck. Make your seat more comfortable by using a lumbar support pillow. If you don’t have one, you can roll up a blanket, sweater or jacket.

Get your blood flowing
Light movement and stretching are the best ways to avoid spine stiffness. If you can, get up and move around every 30, or so minutes. Stretching and moving is also beneficial to circulation as blood brings important nutrients and oxygen to the structures of the back.

Check your posture
This can not be said enough, sit up straight! Slouching, slumping and hunching can all place unnecessary stress on your spine. Proper sitting posture: align your back with your seat, rest your head on the headrest and place your feet flat on the floor.

If traveling does a number on your back, make an appointment to visit one of AOC’s spine specialists.

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