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AOC's Dr. Barber - The Latest in Custom Implants, Your Questions Answered

The Latest in Custom Implants, Your Questions Answered




AOC cordially invites you to join us for a custom knee implant Q&A presentation with Joint Replacement Specialist Dr. Matthew Barber

WHEN: Thursday, April 2nd, 2020 at 5:30 PM
WHERE: Daphne Health Actions, 2102 US Highway 98, Ste K, Daphne AL, 36526

Please RSVP to Shauna Dean by  March 29th, 2020:

EMAIL: shauna_dean@alortho.com
PHONE: 251-410-3686



“Wine Cheese, Hips and Knees” with Dr. Matt Barber

AOC cordially invites you to join us for “Wine Cheese, Hips and Knees” with Total Joint Specialist Dr. Matt Barber.

  • WHEN: Tuesday, November 5th, 2019 from 5:30 PM-7:00 PM
  • WHERE: AOC Surgery Center, 3610 Springhill Memorial Dr N., Mobile, AL 36608

Please RSVP to Shauna Dean by  September 2nd, 2019:

"Wine Cheese, Hips and Knees" with Dr. Matt Barber - event flyer

AOC Joint Replacement specialist, Dr. Barber on the Uncle Henry Show

Watch Dr. Barber on Uncle Henry discussing joint replacement advances including robotic surgery, custom implants and outpatient options

Dr. Barber visited the Uncle Henry morning show on Friday (August 16th) to discuss joint replacement advances including robotic surgery, custom implants and outpatient options.

Lunch & More with Matthew Barber, MD Total Joint Specialist & Kevin Donahoe, MD Spine Specialist

Lunch & More with Total Joint Specialist Matthew Barber, MD & Spine Specialist Kevin Donahoe, MD

Lunch & More with Matthew Barber, MD Total Joint Specialist & Kevin Donahoe, MD Spine SpecialistAOC cordially invites you to join us for Lunch & More with Matthew Barber, MD Total Joint Specialist  & Kevin Donahoe, MD Spine Specialist.

  • WHEN: Thursday, August 29th, 2019 at 11:30
  • WHERE: Grove Hill Senior Center, 113 Clark St., Grove Hill, Al 36451

Please RSVP to Shauna Dean by  August 22nd, 2019:


How to Choose the Right Orthopedic Surgeon

Choosing the right orthopedic surgeon is the first step toward a successful surgery and a fast recovery. You may be wondering, but how do I know which surgeon is right for me? Here are a few tips and questions to keep in mind through your decision process:

Ask around

Just as you consult your friends, family or neighbors about products and services, so should you about doctor recommendations. AOC’s Dr. Barber says that asking around is the safest bet. He added, “There are a lot of people in the community that have these surgeries. So if you know 10 people that have had a great result from one surgeon that’s usually a pretty good endorsement.”

Don’t just take your friends and family’s word for it, also seek professional recommendations from your doctor or healthcare provider. Asking around can help you find a starting point in your search for an orthopedic surgeon.

Quick search

Go to your search engine of choice and type in your potential surgeon’s name. Review what others have said and any other available information. Remember: not everything on the Internet is concrete – some reviews can be exaggerated. Take the information and use it with discretion.

Research further

Narrow down your search by looking at your potential surgeon’s credentials. Visit their practices website, and learn more about their work experience and area of specialty. If you want more information about a particular surgeon, a great source is the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

Before you make your final decision, consider these questions:

Questions to Ask Before Having an Operation

1. Why do I need this operation?
2. How will the operation be performed?
3. Are there other treatment options, and is this operation the best option for me?
4. What are the risks, benefits, and possible complications for this operation?
5. How will I be monitored during the operation?
6. What can I expect before the operation?
Will I need any special preparation – tests, blood donation, blood thinners and change in my routine medications?
Will I need any special diet?
When do I have to stop eating and drinking?
Should I take my home medication on the day of my operation?
7. What can I expect for my recovery in terms of treatment, medication, diet, and home care?
What type of care will I have to provide for myself at home?
When will I be able to return to my regular activities (work, lifting, driving, and exercise)?
Will I need any medication—antibiotics, pain medication?
What can I do to help with my recovery?
8. Could you tell me about your experience with this operation?
Do you perform this operation regularly?
What is your success rate, and how often do your patients experience any problems?
Are you board certified?
Are you a member of the American College of Surgeons?
How can I contact you if I have more questions?
9. Is the surgical facility accredited and properly staffed?
10. How much will the operation cost me, and what type of insurance do you take?

What to Consider when Looking at Online Doctor Websites:

1. The Data
Where did they get the data?
How accurate is the data?
Is the data immune from bias?
Does the data consider practice specializations or areas of focus?
2. Healthcare Expertise
Other Resources for Joint Replacement Surgeon Data American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons


AOC understands selecting the right orthopedic surgeon can be overwhelming. Please visit our website, www.alortho.com, to learn more about our team of doctors and the services they provide. To schedule an appointment or consultation, please call: 251.410.3600

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There’s a New Type of Knee Replacement in Town

Your knees are, in some shape or form, involved in almost all of your daily activities. Whether you are driving to work, shopping for groceries, or playing golf, you are using your knees. Yet, people rarely think about their knees. That is… until they start to hurt.

Since the first knee replacement surgery was performed over forty years ago in 1968, the world has witnessed countless advances in technology, from the creation of the internet and cell phones, to the sequencing of human DNA.  During that time, knee replacements have become one of the most successful procedures in all of medicine. Therefore, it is only fitting that the technology used in knee replacement surgeries has advanced as well.

AOC physician, Dr. Matthew Barber, is the first orthopaedic surgeon in the Mobile area to embrace a revolutionary technology designed to improve patient outcomes with a better fit, faster recovery, better function and greater overall patient satisfaction. The customized knee replacement technology strives to make the procedure even more successful than when using traditional off-the-shelf implants. The product is called the ConforMIS iTotal® and despite being a relatively new technology, there have already been over 30,000 implantations of these customized devices across the country.

Prior to ConforMIS customized implants being available, orthopedic surgeons could only chose from a limited range of sizes of “off-the-shelf” implants. With ConforMIS, a uniquely sized and shaped implant can be designed and manufactured for each individual patient and matched to their specific anatomy. The first step is a CT scan is taken of the patient’s bone. From there, the CT scan is submitted to ConforMIS and a three-dimensional model of the knee is created using proprietary imaging software. This model is used to create a mold using advanced 3D printing technology, which re-creates the shape of the patient’s knee, corrected for any underlying deformity. Additionally, 3D printing is also used to create a complete set of instruments for the surgeon that are single-use and only used during one procedure. Total production time is only 6 weeks.

“ConforMIS is able to create implants that are within millimeters of a patient’s biological knee, thereby avoiding size compromises often faced with off-the-shelf implants,” says Dr. Barber. The customized fit of the iTotal requires less bone and soft tissue removal by the surgeon, which is believed to help shorten recovery time and offer the potential for a knee that moves more naturally.

At this time, Dr. Barber is the only orthopaedic surgeon in the Mobile area to offer a customized option for partial knee and total knee replacement implants. If you feel you might be a candidate for this innovative procedure, please call Alabama Orthopaedic Clinic at (251) 410-3600 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Barber today.

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