Conformis Knee Implants

The Conformis implant is designed to fit the patient rather than make the patient fit the implant. There’s a pre-operative plan for each client called the “iView” which provides 3D images of the bone surfaces, implant placement, and operative guidance for critical cuts.


iTotal: The only truly patient-specific total knee replacement implants: The iTotal® CR and PS are designed to achieve unique advantages as compared to off-the-shelf knee implants. Each femoral and tibial implant is designed to provide a customized fit specific to your knee, helping reduce sizing compromises that can lead to long-term pain after surgery.


iUni & iDuo: Knee implant options for patients with partial osteoarthritis: The iUni® and iDuo® partial knee implants preserve the parts of the knee not damaged by arthritis. As patient demand and activity levels have increased, the interest in bone and tissue sparing partial knee replacement approaches has increased dramatically as well.


iTotal G2 Knee Implant Fit Process