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What Is A Custom 3D Knee Replacement?

Dr. Barber answers the question - What Is A Custom Knee Replacement 3D Knee?

In recent years there has been great interest in custom implants for total knee replacements and I am asked about them frequently. These are sometimes referred to as “the 3D knee” because they are produced using 3D printing technology. With this system, a CT scan is used to produce custom instrumentation and a custom prosthesis which are used in surgery. Each implant is truly one of a kind. These devices are intended to address some common problems in knee replacement such as size mismatch or improper position. Because the implants are created specifically for each patient’s anatomy there is increased potential for the replaced knee to function more like the patient’s natural knee. Over the last few years, our experience with these implants has been truly remarkable. To see if you are a candidate for this procedure, contact us at AOC Joint Replacement and schedule an appointment today.

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