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Robotic-arm Assisted Procedures Now Offered at AOC


Spring Hill Medical Center is unveiling its latest tool to help patients. It’s a robotic arm to assist in surgeries for partial knee and total hip replacements.

So, this is how it works. Patients go through CAT-scans and surgeons use information from that to create pre-operative plans for the placement of their implants. During operation, the surgeon is in control, but the robotic arm limits their movement – that keeps the accuracy within one-tenth of a millimeter.

“A huge and overwhelming benefit is really being able to place those components accurately. We know from multiple studies that placing implants in their correct orientation leads to better outcomes, fewer complication, and enhance the longevity of the implant. So, we want patients to have a great result but also a very durable result.” – Dr. Matthew Barber, AOC

Spring Hill Medical Center is the first hospital in the Mobile area to offer operations with this device.