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Tie Dad to a Healthy Lifestyle: Father’s Day Gift Ideas

With Father’s Day fast approaching, have you thought about what you’re going to get Dad? Before you rush out to buy him a new tie or maybe something else he doesn’t need, put his health at the top of your shopping list. Here are three healthy Father’s Day gifts we recommend you can give the fella in your life.

1. Gym Membership

Regular exercise can help reduce the risk of several health concerns, such as diabetes and heart disease. Exercise can also help support strong bone and joint health. If dad doesn’t already get regular exercise, give him proper encouragement to stay healthy with a gym membership.

2. Bike

If dad suffers from arthritis or joint pain, buying dad a bike might be a better alternative to a gym membership. Riding a bike is much better on knees, feet, ankles and legs than running. Riding a bike is also a full body workout; it will tone, reduce calories and decrease the risk of several health concerns.

3. Healthy Eating Guide/ Recipe Book

Chances are dad has his favorite unhealthy foods. Who doesn’t? However, eating a well-balanced diet is vital to a healthy lifestyle. Make dad a healthy eating guide or a healthy recipe book. Either way, encourage your papa bear to eat nutritious foods.

Father’s Day should be a day you really show dad you care, so treat him to a healthy lifestyle. For all dad’s orthopaedic needs, send him to AOC.

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