Diagnostic Imaging

AOC - Diagnostic Imaging

“Bone Densitometer” DEXA Scanner

DEXA is an abbreviation for “Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry.” This is a special x-ray procedure that determines the strength of your bones. Bone strength is assessed by measuring the bone density, so a DEXA scanner is sometimes called a “bone densitometer.” Other means of assessing bone strength are also available, but a DEXA scan is currently the most accurate method and it uses the lowest amount of radiation (a standard chest x-ray exposes you to ten times more radiation than a DEXA scan). The DEXA scanner at AOC is the most complete bone assessment tool ever devised.

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Altaire Open MRI

AOC is very proud to have the latest in MRI technology. The Hitachi Altaire is the most sophisticated and strongest open magnet on the market. It is common for many patients to have misgivings about undergoing an MRI procedure. Patients may be nervous about the feeling of confinement, or the length of the procedure, or whether any discomfort is involved. But, with education, patients discover that the Hitachi Altaire Open MRI is spacious and quiet, providing superior images with minimum disturbance. Some patients have even been known to fall asleep during the exam.

High Field MRI

Our 1.5t high-field, short-bore Phillips magnet produces scans that are equal to the images of any of the closed MRIs currently used by area hospitals. When an MRI is necessary, you should insist on the technology that will provide superior diagnostic information for your patient.


The region’s most advanced imaging technology makes the MRI and x-ray processes more efficient and effective. Our patients experience unsurpassed comfort and care. Our physicians and staff have immediate access to superior information. We also have an on-site radiologist to ensure quality and quick turnaround.

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Digital X-ray

Immediate imaging is key to patient diagnosis and treatment. AOC uses digital technology to make the information available to our physicians, staff and patients with enhanced speed, convenience and accuracy. Images can be e-mailed, printed or scanned to a disk for increased portability.