The Elf That Fell Off The Shelf


Every year Shane NanEggins looks forward to his job as the Smith’s Elf on the Shelf. This year, his job was almost interrupted when the new house cat, Augustus, caused Shane to fall off his shelf and hurt his leg.

Thankfully, Shane went to Alabama Orthopaedic Clinic!

1. Setting up His Appointment

AOC_Elf Blog_Make Appt.

Shane needed to make an appointment and fast, so he logged on to the AOC website and found an online appointment request form under Patient Resources. Before Shane knew it, he had an appointment set up and was on his way to see a doctor.

2. Waiting Isn’t a Bother at AOC


This was Shane’s first visit to AOC, but Shane already knew what to expect. He found a First Visit Checklist on the AOC website that offered helpful tips for the check-in process. Shane didn’t mind waiting because they had plenty of magazines, even his favorite, Elf Illustrated!

3. Getting an X-ray


While waiting to get his x-ray, Shane got back on the AOC website where he found a Virtual Tour of the Digital x-ray machine. He knew he was in good hands seeing that AOC uses state-of-the-art technology.

4. Getting the Right Care at AOC


After getting an x-ray, Shane’s doctor determined he had a complicated fracture. To better explain his injury, Shane’s doctor showed him the Areas of Injury feature on the website under Patient Resources.

5. Get Everything You Need at AOC


The doctor decided Shane needed a cast on his leg. Shane was fixed up and out the door in no time and back to the Smith’s home where he was able to rest in comfort. While resting, Shane went on AOC’s website and found this helpful blog, Falling: Causes and Preventions, written by one of AOC’s doctors.

6. Getting Back in the Swing of Things

AOC_ELf Blog_ Bike

After getting his cast off, Shane needed to go to physical therapy. Shane found information about AOC’s Physical and Occupational Therapy services on the AOC website. He made his appointment and was ready to work hard to get back on his feet.

7. Back to Work


Thanks to all of the staff at AOC, Shane was happy to be back at work and watching over the Smith’s little tykes once again.

From making appointments, to researching injuries, to reading up on physician’s blogs, Alabama Orthopaedic Clinic’s website has a little bit of everything you need. As always, you can call 251-410-3600 if you would like to speak with someone about any orthopaedic issues you might be facing. Happy Holidays from AOC!

**No Elves on the Shelf were injured in the making of this blog.

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