Summer Sports: Who Will You Draft?



Which doctors should you trust for Summer Sports Injuries?

With summer fast approaching, it means one thing…football training. Preparation for the 2014 football season will soon be under way, and coaches are eager to implement new schemes devised from the lengthy offseason. If everything goes according to plan, their strategies should lead their team to a championship. But let’s be honest, everything rarely goes according to plan. The fact is, by the time season starts, solid starters will have turned to sideline supporters. Every summer, teams lose numerous players to off the field training injuries.

Some of the most common injuries in football primarily deal with the ankles, knees, and shoulders. These are often times cause by poor flexibility, form, and diet, all of which can be reduced if training properly. Others are just unavoidable. So who should you trust on your team when an injury occurs? Who should you choose to keep your team in playoff contention…?

Here are some game changing picks that should surely be chosen in the first round:

           NAME                                     POSITION                                           COLLEGE

Clayton G. Lane                                  MD                            Boston University School of Medicine

Analysis:  A true team player, Dr. Lane treats his patients like family. Originally from Pascagoula, Mississippi, Dr. Lane traveled far from home to receive the best training possible. It paid off. He has worked with the New York Giants, New York Knicks, and New York Mets. A solid pick for any team.

W. Christopher Patton                     MD                                      Baylor College of Medicine

Analysis: Team chemistry is key to any winning team, and Dr. Patton has perfected just that. He is a student of the game, keeping up with everything new involving breakthroughs in sports medicine. With shoulder and knee injuries still prominent, Dr. Patton is surely to make an impact early.

César M. Roca, Jr.                               MD                           Tulane University School of Medicine

Analysis: A truly multidimensional prospect, Dr. Roca is a game changer. An avid sailor on the side, Dr. Roca knows how to stay calm and perform under pressure. Poise on call makes him one of the best. Specializing in shoulder and knees, Dr. Roca has everything a team is looking for to compete for a championship.


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