What To Do If You Have an AC Dislocation: Watch Dr. Clayton Lane of AOC Sports Medicine Explain

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Thanks to modern medicine, surgery, and the skills of sports medicine specialists at Alabama Orthopaedic Clinic, shoulder separations can be surgically repaired through 4 small “poke holes” rather than the large incisions of the past. Shoulder separations, aka AC (acromioclavicular) dislocations often heal without surgery, but when they don’t it can be career-ending for an athlete.

Here is the layman’s terms of AC Dislocation. You have two major bones in your shoulder, X BONE (Acromion) and Y BONE (Clavicle), and lots of ligaments. When you take a significant blow to your shoulder, like being tackled by a linebacker or a falling onto the point of the shoulder, your ac joint can dislocate

Usually, people know they have an AC Dislocation because they see a noticeable bump atop their shoulder and it will be sore. In this case, we recommend going to see a doctor. Your doctor will most likely recommend you keep the shoulder immobilized. Occasionally, though, AC Dislocations require surgery. In the past, this meant large incisions through the deltoid muscle and use of a large metal screw to hold the clavicle down. This screw technique was fraught with complications and required a second surgery to remove in all cases. Now, however, a sports specialist can perform a superior repair arthroscopically, with no screws.

What’s equally impressive is that you can watch a video of Dr. Clayton Lane at AOC perform the surgery and tell you what he is doing. This video gives the technical terms and explanations of the surgery, so you know exactly what will be happening and what to expect.

AOC has the technology, skilled doctors and nurses, and caring staff to make sure you are properly cared for. While surgery often times is unnecessary for AC Dislocation, AOC is highly qualified to help you make the best informed decision for what is best for you and your loved ones’ health.

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