Dr. Cockrell: His 2013 Boston Marathon Experience


Dr. Wayne Cockrell from Alabama Orthopaedic Clinic finished the Boston Marathon a half-hour before the explosions yesterday.

Cockrell, who specializes in Interventional Pain Management, ran from his hotel room to the site of the bombings after learning of the explosions. He offered to help the paramedics treat the victims, but the paramedics had their own system in the works. Cockrell said that he wanted to help because he was thinking of the parents and families who were injured by the explosions, and that he would want someone to do the same for his family.

Cockrell was shocked by the tragedy, but impressed with the swiftness that the paramedics tended to the injured at the scene. Cockrell told Local 15 in an interview, “You could see them rushing people in multiple gurneys and wheel chairs. They really did it very quickly. I’ve never been to anything like that.”

Cockrell and his wife, as well as all fifteen runners from the Mobile area, were uninjured at the Boston Marathon. Alabama Orthopaedic Clinic sends thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by the tragedies at the Boston Marathon.

Mobile running group, Port City Pacers, were also in Boston and recount their experience at the time in this local report from Local 15 news.

Dr. Cockrell talks of his experience at the time of the explosion in this news report.

Dr. Cockrell finished the marathon in 3:22:48, Congratulations.

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