Own Your Next Triathlon

Phillip Bradley, AOC’s Director of Occupational Therapy, is participating in the Alabama Coastal Triathlon this weekend. Phillip and his wife, Kathryn, will be heading down to Gulf Shores this Friday to kick off the weekend event. Along with the Bradley’s, AOC’s Dr. Wayne Cockrell will also be participating in the triathlon.

Phillip gave us some tips on how to prepare for the big event:


1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! It takes more than a day or two to hydrate properly, so drink an adequate amount of water at least 5-7 days prior to your race. This becomes more important as the heat and the length of your race increases.

2. Don’t deviate drastically from normal diet the week before the race, up or down. This is especially true with salt intake.

3. Many people like to “carbo-load” a night or two before an event. This is fine, but just make sure that you train like you plan to race, and again, don’t deviate greatly from your training regimen.


1. Familiarize yourself with race information prior to race day. Sometimes you are allowed to pick up race packets on the morning of the race, but sometimes this has to be done the day before the race.

2. Visualize each leg of the race the night before and make sure you have all your gear (ie. goggles, helmet, shoes, socks, water bottles, towel to wipe your feet off, etc)

3. Get to the race early, at least 2 hours before your start time to have plenty of time to check in, get body marked, setup in transition, and to familiarize yourself with the transition area.

4. Know where the bike out and in lanes are, where the run out lane is, and visualize where your bike is in transition (taking into consideration that as the race starts and people start the bike segment, the transition area is going to look very different than it does pre-race).

Have fun and enjoy the race!

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