Dr. Suanne White-Spunner ~ Master Surgeon. Grand Master On The Pavement..

Suanne White-Spunner of Alabama Orthopaedic Clinic P.C.

Married with 2 children.
Loves running and water-skiing.
Just won the Women’s Grand Master Award at the 2012 Azalea Trail Run (49:55 10K).
First job was a Veterinary Assistant.
First car: Toyota Corolla
Favorite song: too many to choose but I like jazz and rock, esp. Green Day
If I wasn’t a doctor I would have been a Vet.
Advice to high school self: Don’t worry about saying something stupid. We all do. It’s ok.
My biggest help during my career: My husband kept me fed. Bob Zarzour kept me laughing.
Philosophy on patient care: Treat everyone as a child of God.
Future of Orthopaedics: Voice recognition for dictation.
Favorite thing about living in Mobile/Baldwin County: The water & sunshine
What I would like to see most in the Bay Area: football stadium & nice track for USA
Favorite local event: Any event that is a good time with friends. Although Joe Cain block party is pretty good!

Physician specializing in Orthopaedic Surgery, Arthroscopy and Hand Surgery

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