Mark Ingram’s Injury and August 31, 2010 Surgery

Dr. Clayton Lane

Mark Ingram’s injury on Tuesday was likely a meniscus tear.  I have no inside knowledge of the procedure performed or diagnostic studies and am not involved in his care. However, I can guess what the injury is based on the formal statements made describing the injury as:


-one that is better taken care of now than risk it affecting him later in the season

-treated arthroscopically

A small meniscus tear that is not repairable can be treated with simple debridement by knee arthroscopy. The typical recovery would be no athletics 2 days, low impact exercise for 5 days, and then progress to aggressive strengthening in second week when incisions are fully healed. He could conceivably be full speed by 14 days post-op assuming all goes smoothly.
Almost any other diagnosis in the knee takes much longer. For example if it turns out to be a bigger meniscus tear that requires repair, he will be out a minimum of 6-8 weeks. An ACL and most cartilage injuries take even longer to recover. I don’t think the physicians or coaches expect this based on what they saw on MRI, or they would not have called it a minor injury.