2010 Summer Scrubs Students Visit AOC

2010 Summer Scrubs Day 12010 Summer Scrubs Day 1
2010 Summer Scrubs Day 1Summer Scrubs Day 1

This week, AOC is again a host site for the Bay Area Health Coalition’s Summer Scrubs Program. The program is open to Juniors and Seniors from local high schools that are interested in careers in the healthcare industry. Each day this week, a new group of  students will rotate through our Outpatient Surgery Center, X-ray department, Physical Therapy department and our clinic area to learn about our clinic flow and the types of injuries we treat at AOC. This is a great opportunity for students to be exposed to a wide range of health care careers and unique opportunity for AOC to give back to our community.

Day 1 report: Students learned how to apply a splint to a broken wrist. They also observed two live surgeries. They also visited our Physical Therapy and X-ray departments.


Day 2 Report: Today the students watched our Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon apply casts to children with club feet. They completed their rotations through the clinic, Physical Therapy and X-ray department. They also learned about ultrasound. AOC has an ultrasound machine that is used to look for musculoskeletal conditions. Ultrasound is also used as a tool for hip injections, nerve blocks, and to look for DVTs in the lower extremities.


Day 3 Report: This morning the students viewed a tendon release in our Outpatient Surgery Center. During their physical therapy rotation, they formed a circle to demonstrate the physics of electrical stimulation and how it travels through the body to the next person. Dr. Dempsey talked to the students about the history of Ilizarov devices, which are used to lengthen bones. These devices can be used on patients with various bone abnormalities or injuries.


Day 4 Report: Each morning, we have some sleepy, quiet students but by the end of their rotations through our clinic, they are excited about what they have learned and ask some really great questions. Today the students viewed a live surgery of a trigger finger release. They learned about the different roles of the medical staff in the Outpatient Surgery Center. Lisa talked about being a recovery nurse. Woodie talked about the different tasks for a circulating nurse and scrub nurse in the OR.


Day 5 Report: Final day of 2010 Summer Scrubs. What a great group of students we have had this week. Today’s group of all girls was no exception! This morning they watch Dr. Crotwell in surgery. They enjoyed their visit with Paul Mavrakos who demonstrated many of the techniques and equipment we use in Physical Therapy. Phillip Bradley, our Occupational Therapist, explained the interesting aspects of his department. Then Greg Sharp, one our Physician Assistants, demonstrated the external fixator equipment that is used to lengthen and grow bones.

Find more information about the Summer Scrubs program, visit http://www.summerscrubs.com/

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