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Summer Scrub Students Visit AOC

Posted on July 27, 2009 to Community Events

AOC was a host site for the Mobile Chamber’s Summer Scrubs Program for local high school students interested in careers in the healthcare industry. The students rotated through our Outpatient Surgery Center observing surgeries. They also visited our X-ray department to learn about our state of the art digital x-ray equipment. They learned about our […]

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The Achilles Heel

Posted on July 6, 2009 to AOC Physician Articles

Dr. Clayton G. Lane The Achilles tendon is the strongest tendon in the human body and owes its name to the great, invulnerable warrior of Homer’s Iliad. Invulnerable, that is except at his heel. Greek mythology has it that, Thetis, Achilles’ mother dipped him in the Styx River making him invincible at all points on […]

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Shin Splints

Posted on to AOC Physician Articles

Dr. Clayton G. Lane “Shin splints” is a waste-basket term to describe any pain that occurs in the leg during exercise. Shin splints is not a diagnosis as there are many causes of leg pain in the athlete, some of which require more urgent treatment than others.

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