New Hip Replacement Surgery at Springhill Medical Center


Dr. Michael L. Granberry of Alabama Orthopaedic Clinic is offering a new hip replacement procedure to patients only at Springhill Medical Center. This new surgical option is less invasive allowing for a faster recovery.

After a six-month development period, during which Dr. Granberry attended several specialty centers, he is performing total hip replacement surgery utilizing a new technique often referred to as the anterior approach. “This procedure is unique because it requires a special surgical table, and Springhill is the only hospital in Mobile with this equipment,” said Dr. Granberry.

“This anterior approach in hip replacement is popular with patients because it means less time in the hospital, and the recovery is often faster. These benefits are largely because the hip is replaced without detaching muscle from the pelvis or femur,” Dr. Granberry said. Other surgical approaches for the hip require detaching muscle from the femur during surgery.

Using the new ‘Hana’ surgery table, the hip is approached and replaced through a natural interval between muscles. The most important muscles for hip function, the gluteal muscles, are left undisturbed. An X-ray device is used during the procedure to improve sizing and placement of the total hip components which, in turn, helps improve leg length matching.

“Dr. Granberry is the only Mobile area physician in private practice performing this procedure,” said Hospital Administrator and COO, Mr. Jeff St. Clair. “We are delighted to offer patients a new option in hip replacement surgery.”

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