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The Advantages Of Robotic Hip Replacement

Posted on May 1, 2018 to AOC Physician Articles, News and Press

The Advantages Of Robotic Hip Replacement

Decades of experience and published studies have shown that the key to a long-lasting, well-functioning hip replacement is proper placement of the implanted device. Ensuring appropriate position and orientation of implants used to rely only on the skill of the surgeon. Now, many of us are employing technologies such as robotics to augment our skills and achieve better outcomes for patients. With the advent of robotic assisted surgery, we are able to create a 3D model of each patient’s anatomy and determine BEFORE surgery the best size of implants and how they should be positioned. DURING surgery, a robotic arm ensures that the surgery is carried out as close to the pre-operative plan as possible. While the goals of surgery have not changed, technology has improved the precision and accuracy with which we are able to perform it. This increased precision is all aimed at getting the best and most durable result that can possibly be achieved for each patient.

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